Yeagarup Dunes to Warren Beach Track, Pemberton

About the Trail

The pristine Yeagarup dunes form one of the largest dune systems in the world. The drive across the top of the dunes is amazing. The shady peaceful campsites situated at Lake Yeagarup are a great base to explore the dunes and coastal area. 

The Yeagarup Dunes are some of the largest in the South West. The track to the beach passes over the dunes and lower tyre pressures (10 to 16 psi depending on conditions) are necessary.  It is suited to high clearance four wheel drives only (no trailers). The track climbs up onto shifting dunes and you are required to follow a marked path for the first three or four kilometres which may be slightly different each time you visit. Please stay within the marker poles to assist in preserving the vegetation.

Travel time from Yeagarup Lake to the beach is around 40 minutes and is a scenic and interesting drive. The view from the top of the last hill to the ocean is vast and well worth the drive. When you reach the beach you can turn left to reach the mouth of the Warren River. Depending on the time of year and water flow you may be able to cross the river or it may be a sand bar. Crossing the river mouth can be extremely hazardous and many vehicles have been bogged attempting it.

There are some other challenging dunes to drive up. The most well known is Calcup Hill. This is south of the Warren River and can be used to exit the beach if you can cross the River.  However, you will need to have your tyres at very low pressures (about 10psi or lower) to get off the beach and up Calcup Hill, so bring a compressor to pump up tyres after your adventure. There is a side track towards the top that takes you back to Pemberton Northcliffe Road.

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