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 Old Gaol

Western Australian Museum Francis Street, Perth Western Australia 6000, Australia

Explore the haunting past of the Old Gaol, Perth’s original prison that was constructed in the 1850s to incarcerate convicts. On entering, admire the beautifully restored building, which is regarded as one of the best examples of colonial architecture in Western Australia. Discover the intriguing history of the gaol and the prisoners it housed. Read about the chilling executions that took place and see the alterations that were made to hide the executions from the public eye. As you walk through the rooms that once housed the prisoners, you may get a sense of the hardships encountered by the gaol’s residents as they whiled away their days. Inside one of the old prison cells, you can view an old fashioned dental surgery and pharmacy. The Old Gaol is now part of the Perth Cultural Precinct, which is a five minute walk from the city centre. Surrounded by the Perth Art Gallery, Western Australian Museum and State Reference Library, you will need more than a day to explore the precinct.


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Old Gaol