Wansbrough Walk, Porongurup NP


This eight kilometre return hike takes you through towering Karri forest along a gully between Nancy’s Peak and Devil’s Slide in the Porongurup National Park.

Walk amongst the giants

Karri forest

Photo Credit: Parks and Wildlife

About the Trail

The spectacular seasonal wildflowers and the variety of outdoor activities draw thousands of visitors to the Porongurup National Park each year.  

The Wansbrough Walk takes you along a track through the gully of Devil's Slide and Nancy's Peak. You will pass through both karri forests in the higher slopes and open jarrah/marri forests in the lower slopes.

Some walkers leave a car at Millingup Road the trail end, instead of walking back to the picnic area.

The Park covers an area of 2620ha, with the range extending for 12 kilometres. The area has one of the richest concentrations of plant species in Australia, with over 700 native plant species.

Need to Know