Wandoo Night Walk, Dryandra Woodland


A short night walk with markers that reflect torchlight. Look for nocturnal animals such as woylies, tammar wallabies, brushtail possums, tawny frog-mouths and owls among the wandoo trees and heath vegetation.

A numbat

Look for nocturnal animals on the trail.

About the Trail

Perfect for the kids - this short one kilometre walk is designed for walking at night in search of animals. The markers are reflective and the trail is easy, starting from the Old Mill picnic area, walk in an anticlockwise direction.  There is an extended option if you wish to walk further.

Dryandra Woodland features the largest area of remnant vegetation in the western Wheatbelt and forms part of an international biodiversity ‘hotspot’ where more than 850 species of plants can be seen.

For more information about this area see the Dryandra Woodland Network page.

Need to Know