Twitchers Grove, Charnley Station, Kimberley

About the Trail

Twitchers Way branches off the Paradise Pool Trail and offers another way back to Charnley River Wilderness Camp office. Walkers often incorporate both trails to experience the full range of natural habitats, therefore increasing their chances of seeing more species of birds. 

Early morning is the best time for seeing birds anywhere around Charnley River Wilderness Camp. At sunrise, the dawn chorus is spellbinding in its complexity. Expect to see brown quails, cormorants along the creek, several species of doves, red-winged parrot, azure kingfisher, blue-winged kookaburra, purple-crowned fairy wren, rainbow bee-eaters, various honeyeaters, babblers and many others. There is also a noisy flying fox colony in tall trees near the camp.     

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