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Recreational trail bike riding takes many forms from riding on motocross-style circuits, to long distance off-road touring. Trail riding opportunities in Western Australia are available in designated off-road vehicle areas, on private land and on roads and trails in state forest and public land.

Formed roads are able to be ridden by road registered motorcycles and licensed riders. As a guide these are car accessible tracks marked on DBCA maps.

WA is the only state in Australia that allows unlicensed riders and non-road registered bikes to ride in specially designated legal off-road vehicle areas of which there are currently 5 in the state.  Trail bikes are not allowed in National Parks or on walk or mtb trails and riders are asked to respect the environmental and management reasons for this.  Please read the Responsible Riding Guidelines on the Trail Tips page.

Commercial Ride Parks

These facilities are supervised and actively managed to create a superior riding experience.  Trails in these parks range from beginners loops to motorcross-style circuits with jumps.  Some include camping facilities and hire bikes and riding gear.

The main commercial Parks are:

West Coast Trail Bike Park - Kirup
West MotoPark - Wyalkatchem
Dirt Rider Heaven - Mogumber

Because these parks are operated on private land you do not need a registered bike or a licence to ride there.

For more information about Trail bike riding in WA visit the DLGSC (Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries) website.

An interactive map of all Off-road vehicle areas can be found here.

The TRAIL FILTER is on the MAP page.

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Trail Bike Trails in Western Australia

Trail Name Top Trail Rating Region Time Length Difficulty
Pinjar Absolute Beginners Flat Track Perth Less than 1 hour (Loop) .2km Easy
Pinjar Motorcycle Area   -- Perth -- -- --
York Trail Bike circuit - Oliver Battista Motocross Track Perth Less than 1 hour The circuit is on a 4 hectare sitekm Easy

  Trail Bike Experiences