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The jump park will be officially open to the public on the 19th June 2024. 

Nannup Ngoolark MTB Jump Park

Designed for mountain bikers of all ages, the Nannup Ngoolark MTB Jump Park offers excitement for both seasoned riders and beginners. Inspired by BMX trails, it features sweeping berms, table tops, and hip jumps, creating the perfect playground to hone your skills.

Named after the White-tailed Black cockatoo, Ngoolark reflects the local Aboriginal culture. The Nannup Ngoolark MTB Jump Park offers riders the opportunity to have fun riding, work on their skills and session the two jump lines.

The Black jump line Boorung Ngoolark Biddi (Big white tailed Black Cockatoo trail) is big with lots of trail features, and the Nyini Ngoolark Biddi (Small white tailed Black Cockatoo trail) is nice and fast. 

The Nannup Ngoorlark MTB Jump Park is located 2 kilometres north of Nannup on the corner of Miller Road and Vasse Highway. The Jump Park offer riders a jump line based on what a rider could expect when they ride at Nannup Tank 7 Mountain Bike Park trails. 

The trails run into Garruyul Biddi (Return Trail), with a gentle climb back up to the start mound.

Ride from Nannup on the Old Timberline Trail / Munda Biddi or drive, park and ride from the trailhead on Miller Road.

Motorbikes and trailbikes are prohibited. 

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