Toodyay Living History - Orange Trail


Toodyay’s Living History Walking Trails are self guided walks through the historic townsite of Toodyay, set in the magnificent Avon Valley 85 kilometres north east of Perth. The Orange Trail is 1.2 kilometres return and is an optional extension of the Green Trail.

Toodyay Living History Orange Trail

Toodyay Catholic Precinct

Photo Credit: Shire of Toodyay

About the Trail

The Toodyay Living History Walking trails cover most of the town of Toodyay. There is the Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange trails. The Orange trail is an extension of the Green trail and follows the main street towards Perth to the Catholic Precinct.

Some of the significant buildings have QR code plaques, which you can scan using a smartphone for further interesting and historical information. A brochure can also be picked up from the Toodyay Visitor Centre.

Need to Know