Tin Horse Highway, Kulin


The Tin Horse ‘Highway’ is a 15 kilometre stretch of sealed road in Western
Australia’s wheatbelt which heads east from the town of Kulin out to
the location of the Kulin Bush Races Track at Jilakin Rock. The road’s
official name is the Kulin - Lake Grace Road.

About the Trail

The Tin Horse Highway is a laughing matter! The dusty paddocks surrounding Kulin have become a gallery of bright, quirky, community creations. What started as an authentic community marketing campaign to promote the annual Kulin Bush Races has become one of Western Australia’s most popular self-drives. The Tin Horse Highway provides a seriously entertaining drive and a fun alternative route to iconic Wave Rock.

Whilst the majority of tin horses are found on the Tin Horse Highway, you will also find many equally impressive and imaginative tin horses along other roads in the Kulin Shire and in Kulin town. All tin horses in the region contribute to the Tin Horse Highway story and reflect the vibrant, good humoured community that built them. There are currently over 70 tin horses displayed on the Tin Horse Highway, in the town site of Kulin and along other roads to Kulin. All year long new tin horses are created and can be found popping up in different locations in and around the town.

Allow extra time to stop and look at the 'art works' and take a few photos.

For more information on this unique event please visit www.kulinbushraces.com.au

Need to Know