The Narrogin Heritage Walk Trail

About the Trail

The trail is inspired by Narrogin's honorary historian Maurie White's booklet "Timescape". It gives an acccount of a 1998 Townscape Project which revived community appreciation and enthusiasm for the value of Narrogin's heritage buildings, their contribution to the character of the streetscape and the local history that they represent. These early buildings stand as a monument to the times and people of another era. Maurie White wrote Timescape as a guide for a walk around the main streets of Narrogin. 

The Narrogin Heritage Walk Trail reactivates significant sections of the Heritage Walk described in Timescape. The entire project delivers 25 interpretive signs in anodized sketched aluminium on stlish pedestal posts installed as strategic points or nodes in the CBD, complete with trail directional markers and a trail head sign located outside the visitor centre. 

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