Temple Gorge Trail, Kennedy Range NP


Starting at the Temple Gorge day-use site, the first part of the trail is Class 3 and leads to a fork in the creek under a prominent rock face referred to as The Temple. The left fork is a short picturesque walk, and apart from a few step-ups, is relatively easy. The right fork is rated at Class 4 and is a longer, tougher, boulder-strewn walk up to a small seasonal rock pool.

Temple Gorge

Temple rock

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

If camping at the spectacular Temple Gorge campground, there's no need to hop in the car and drive to the trailhead. The trail starts right here at the campground. The walk to the fork in the trail is easy enough and here you'll get an inspiring view of the rock face that looks like a temple.

However, if you are up to a bigger challenge, you can branch right and take the Class 4 route. It's longer, boulder strewn and needs to be undertaken with care as you scramble up and down the slopes. At the end you are rewarded with a seasonal rock pool under the gorge walls. It's a good place to stop and soak in nature.   

This is one of six walk trials in the park – Temple Gorge, Honeycomb Gorge, Drapers Gorge, the Escarpment Trail (leading to the top of the range), the Escarpment Base Trail, and Sunrise View.

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