Talyuberlup Walk Trail, Stirling Range NP


A steep and challenging 2.6km return hike to a rock covered peak.  It offers exceptional views, excellent wildflowers has a maze of gullies, caves and rocky outcrops to explore.
A rock hopper’s paradise!

Talyuberlup seen from Mt Magog Trail

Talyuberlup seen from Mt Magog Trail

Photo Credit: Pam Riordan

About the Trail

Talyuberlup is the most dramatic rock peak in the Stirling Ranges. Although only 783 metres high, it has a jagged, pinnacled castle-like summit.. The trail initially winds through an area of low woodland but then rises steeply up a gully. Then it heads for the base of the cliffs and then along the cliff line.

It enters a large cave that bores its way underneath the summit, from where you emerge onto the peak of Talyuberlup. The ascent is 600 metres over 1.3 kilometres. The path can be dangerous when wet.

Need to Know