Top Trail:  Syd’s Rapids & Aboriginal Heritage Trail, Walyunga NP


The Syd’s Rapids and Aboriginal Heritage Walk trails can be accessed from either the Walyunga Pool carpark or Boongarup Pool where the two trails meet.

The combined distance of both trails is 5.1km return

The trails are located in the Walyunga National Park, 40 kilometres north east of Perth.  These family friendly trails provide interpretation on the indigenous history, plants and animals and the history of white water rafting in this beautiful location.

About the Trail

Walyunga National Park lies in the Darling Range, just behind the Darling Scarp.  The Swan River runs through the centre of the park, forming a string of placid pools along the valley floor in summer, and a raging torrent with long series of rapids in winter. The latter provides one of Australia's best white water canoeing courses and is part of the annual Avon Descent race each August.  

Walyunga contains one of the largest known Aboriginal campsites around Perth and was still in use by the Nyoongar people late last century. Archaeological evidence suggests that the area has been used by regional tribes for more than 6000 years.  

The easy 0.8km (1.6km return), Aboriginal Heritage Trail meanders along the river bank, between Walyunga Pool and Boongarup Pool, and allows people to learn about Aboriginal myths and legends and see the park's plants and animals through the eyes of the original inhabitants.

Syd's Rapids continues another 1.75km (3.5km return) along the river from Boongarup Pool to the Rapids and returns by the same path. 

The park is also known for sensational wildflowers in winter and spring, abundant native animals and rugged valley scenery which can also be enjoyed on a number of other, longer loop trails 

Need to Know