Top Trail:  Summit Trail, Mt Augustus

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Peter Harrison


Another beautiful piece of WA, get out there and have a look and head to the summit if you have the will for it. As the last reviewer said, Telstra reception at the top after being without any for a few days. Not the easiest location to get to, careful planning is a must but definitely worth it.

Murray Shiels


Really great walk - we went up the Gully Trail which joins the Summit Trail halfway up and then took the Summit Trail the rest of the way (up and down). It took us 3.5 hours up and 2.5 hours down. There's a special surprise at the top - Telstra reception! I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of starting this walk at dawn. You get about 2 hours of shade in the gully before the sun warms everything up. In still air at midday with the sun baking down and the rocks reflecting the heat back up, it can be very. very hot. Take 3 litres of water per person.

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