Stockyard Gully Cave Trail, Stockyard Gully Reserve

About the Trail

Stockyard Gully has an interesting history, named after the Stockmen who used the deep and cool gullies as a natural holding pen for their cattle. The stock were droved from Geraldton to Perth for market during the 1950's. The cave and gully offered a safe and refreshing place to camp.

Nowadays the droving days are gone and instead remains an oasis of lush vegetation along a sandy river bed and an inviting tunnel. From the upstream picnic area, follow the sandy creek bed into the cave. Then get your torch out because it is going to be dark. The cave is great for those entering a cave for the first time, its wide open spaces make all feel at ease. It is self-guiding however, care must be made to ensure your own safety and the welfare of the cave and its inhabitants. Keep noise to a minimum, no smoking within the cave and don't shine your torch at the bats. Bee hives are present in large numbers and both entrances, take care not to disturb the bees. The bees will be more prevalent on hot days.

The reserve itself is abundant in flora species, a real mecca during wildflower season.

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