Sir John Gorge, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Kimberley


Sir John Gorge Trail is only 300 metres one-way in length, but the end point is stunning, especially near sunset. The easy trail is well marked over fairly uneven terrain and flat rocks. The gorge doesn’t plummet deep into the earth, but rather a shallow riverbed with flat rocks and rocky embankments either side.

Sunset at Sir John Gorge

Sunset at Sir John Gorge

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

As the sun starts setting in the west, the rocks in Sir John Gorge Trail begin glowing, reaching a point where they become fiery red, orange and yellow.

The drive from Mornington Wilderness Camp takes longer than you might think considering the distance is only 14km one-way. The 4WD track is rough, making it slow going, but well worthwhile. Sipping Champaign or a beer at sunset while perched on a flat rock is an unforgettable experience. A word of caution, sunset viewing involves driving back in the dark when wildlife shares the road. Canoes are available onsite if you book and pay at the office. 

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