Shark Bay Kayak Trail, Denham

About the Trail

A five day sea kayak trail exploring the spectacular coastline of Shark Bay. Great for experienced paddlers, this trail follows the shoreline to explore remote beaches. The clear, shallow waters providing a window into the abundant sea life below.

Five days four nights beach camping. You will need to carry all your own supplies including food and water. Limited 4WD access along the way.

Departing Denham follow the shallows to Big Lagoon, and first camp. This is accessable by 4WD. Continue north. Strong tides and wave rips may present as you round the cape. Good camping on any of the beaches either side of the cape. 4WD access to the cape.

After rounding the cape you are heading south. You can hug the shore around Herald Bight or cross the deep water directly to Guichenault Point. There is 4WD access to the western beach of Herald Bight, visable in the distance as a grove of trees.

Mangroves and sand shallows at Guichenault Point are alive with fish and this area is a great place to camp. From here is is one long day or two comfortable days to Monkey Mia.

At Cape Rose there is a Pearl Farm and barge. Stop in to buy some pearls, take a tour? In an east wind, the waves here can be steep and the best plan is to stay in shallow or wait for the wind to drop. Monkey Mia is visible in the distance and you could walk the entire beach home if the wind is not too severe.

Keep out of the dolphin area west of the jetty. Land east side of the jetty at the boat ramp. Caravan park here has all facilities. Road trip back to Denham is 26km.  

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