Shannon National Park bridle trails


Three bridle trails are available in Shannon National Park and they all start from the Shannon Horse Camp. They vary in length from 7 to 20km and can be combined to make a longer ride.  All three trails pass through jarrah and karri forest and the wildflowers in spring are spectacular.

Hoofing it for health trek passing through Shannon

About the Trail

Former residents of the Shannon Mill town can remember the great excitement of seeing the drovers and their cattle pass through this area. They recall the rattle of the timbers as the cattle crossed the bridge over the Shannon River. Sometimes the drovers would let the town children ride their horses for a short distance. Then, the children would follow them up the road, walking behind the cattle. Today, you can explore the forest along three shorter trails.

Showpony Circuit Moderate. Length 7km (pink horseshoe symbols) This is the shortest ride at Shannon and it will give you a taste of what the other trails have to offer. Follow the pink horseshoe symbols across the Shannon River and enjoy the ride through the karri and jarrah forest.

Cowbells Loop Moderate. Length 17km (yellow horseshoe symbols) In spring, the wildflowers along this trail are spectacular. Tree hovea, tassle flowers and pimelia stand out among the karri wattle which lines the top section of the trail. Along this trail you’ll pass through areas of karri forest that has regenerated from harvesting operations in the late 1970’s to early 1980’s. These trees grow dense, tall and straight, reaching for the sky.

Saddlebags Trail Moderate. Length 20km (blue horseshoe symbols). This trail follows the same route as the Cowbells Loop before continuing along Jeffrey Road. Along the Westcliffe fireline, you’ll pass through a variety of vegetation types including karri forest, low lying swampy heathland and jarrah and marri forest.

Camping and day entry fees apply and can be paid at the the Shannon Horse Camp.

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