Sequoia Walk, Balingup


Sequoia Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park is a gentle 10-minute stroll along a gully which takes you through the North America section of the park. The wheelchair friendly trail passes through groves of redwoods, Douglas fir and sequoia. A picturesque pond provides habitat for the resident ducks.

Sequoia Walk, Golden Valley Tree park, Balingup


Photo Credit: Chrissy Sharp

About the Trail

Sequoia Short Walk in Golden Valley Tree Park is just 3km out of Balingup. By taking a stroll along this trail in the World Collection area you are stepping into the North America woods. Stands of redwoods, Douglas fir and sequoia stand proudly. Nevertheless, it will be a long time before they reach the lofty heights of their American cousins. 

There is a picnic area and shelter for a rest before considering your next walk. From any point along the trail walkers can admire many of the 250 species of Northern Hemisphere trees that grow along hillsides and valleys. Golden Valley Tree Park is Western Australia’s largest arboretum. Many trees are labeled to make identification easy. The park is worth visiting all year round to really appreciate the seasonal variations. 

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