Savannah Walk Trail, Windjana NP

About the Trail

The Savannah Walk is easy for most people of reasonable fitness, but take appropriate care in the heat. While most visitors head straight for the gorge, it’s worth doing this trail to get a fascinating insight into the savannah habitat.

Tall grass, big termite mounds, boab trees and the imposing King Leopold Ranges backdrop dominate the landscape. For nature lovers there is an abundance of birdlife along this trail, especially early morning or late afternoon. Expect to see grass seed eating finches and parrots as well as gliding birds of prey rising on thermals. Agile Wallabies are often seen. Reptiles such as goannas and snakes sometimes cross the path so keep an eye out.

The walk starts and ends at the campground, which boasts flushing toilets and showers. There is informative interpretive signage along the way. 

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