Sanford Rocks Walk, Westonia


Sandford Rocks Walk is a moderately difficult two kilometre walk in the Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve.  An impressive amphitheatre in this granite outcrop and expansive views of the reserve and surrounding farmland at the top.


Natural Amphitheatre

Photo Credit: Lari McDonald

About the Trail

The Sandford Rocks Walk leaves the car park and shortly begins a gentle climb over the granite.  An impressive natural amphitheatre is a highlight of the climb and the climb gets steeper before reaching a substantial cairn and trig point is at the peak.  Descend the rock and walk a sandy trail through scrub and low woodland back to the car park.  

The Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve has a diverse range of flora and fauna including Silver Mallee, black footed wallabies and the rare peacock beetle. 

A short 100m side trail from the car park leads to a bird hide overlooking a small waterhole, with interpretive signs of the birds of the Sandford Rocks Nature Reserve.

Need to Know