Top Trail:  Relentless Blue, Pemberton Mtb Park


Relentless Blue is a challenging technical trail that climbs the hillside overlooking the Pemberton Pool and swoops down the other side returning alongside Swimming Pool Brook. The trail has many trail elements traversing stunning Karri forest on hero dirt, Karri loam.

Jacob Wright on the Relentless Blue wall ride

Jacob making a good go of the wall rides. Day Two Subaru National MTB XCO Race Series Four January 23 2016 Pemberton

Photo Credit: Russ Baker

About the Trail

Relentless Blue incorporates the lay of the land in a clockwise direction. The first 1½ kilometres 'the hell mile' climbs some 18 times. The hard technical climb includes the corkscrew, switchbacks and log rollovers with a fast downhill.

The western side of the hill is designed as the main climb wtih a series of ups and downs with some hard technical elements, a series of turns through the graveyard, rock gardens, log rollovers, sharp uphill and downhill style trail design. The eastern side of the hill is distinctly cross country heading downhill with minimal climbing, the pallet drop, two large wall rides, log mountain  and a fast run to the return trail.

The Pemberton Mountain Bike Park is set in the heart of the giant Karri forests. The backdrop is stunning, and the trails are designed for a range of experience levels.  The trail is accessed from the trailhead on Swimming Pool Road, Pemberton

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