Top Trail:  Relentless Blue, Pemberton Mtb Park

About the Trail

Relentless Blue traverses the main hill above the Pemberton Pool from west to east. The first 1½ kilometres 'the hell mile' will challenge even the fittest riders with relentless pinch climbs. The hard technical portion of the trail includes the corkscrew, switchbacks and log rollovers with a few short downhill sections.

The western side of the hill is designed as the main XCO track with a series of ups and downs with some hard technical and physical elements. It includes a series of turns through the graveyard, rock gardens, log rollovers, sharp uphill and downhill style trail design. 

The eastern side of the hill is considered the downhill section of the trail with minimal climbing, the pallet drop, two large wall rides, log mountain and a fast run to the return trail.

The trail ridden in its entirety isn't for the faint hearted! However it can be completed in smaller sections with intersections at the top of the main hill. The start of Relentless Blue is accessed from the fire road by the Trout Hatchery. 

Relentless Blue is part of the Pemberton Mtb Park Network

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