Top Trail:    Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, Perth Hills

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Erin Glew


My husband and I really love walking these trails, they are great for all fitness levels. The only thing you need to look out for are cyclists who by large, unfortunately seem to lack the courtesy of slowing down or using their bells for trail hikers, which can really detract from the experience.

Mohamed Ghonem


My first time to do it today, amazing trail, took me 3.5 hours, the up hill was a bit hard but enjoyed every moment.

David Harrowfield


This is a great trail for walkers and riders. It's always in excellent condition and there is plenty to see along the way. The best part in my opinion is the section between Swanview and Parkerville, overlooking Jane Brook and its waterfalls.

Rebecca Velkoski


Such a beautiful ride! Did the whole loop which took me roughly 3.5hrs by bike with a couple of pit stops for photos and snacks. Started at Swanview and rode in a clockwise direction. Incline is ever so slight, but was knackered by the end so will probably start in Bellevue next time to avoid that last little climb! Took a map with me but the track is easy to follow, with plenty of markers along the way. Plenty of water fountains along the way too which surprised me.

Suzie Griffith


The BIKE: Did this anti-clockwise as hills first. Started at Swan View. Took 2.5 hours and was my first proper MTB trail so if I can do this at that "speed" then anyone can!!! Such an awesome trail. PS. I meant to give the walk a 5* but didn't change the automatic 3*

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