Top Trail:    Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, Perth Hills


Railway Reserves Heritage Trail follows the route of the old Eastern Railway and is unique in providing a 41 kilometre loop entirely on railway formations. This extensive trail passes through quaint hills communities including Darlington, Parkerville and Mundaring, and covers a wide range of terrains with scenic views and numerous points of historical and natural significance.

John Forrest National Park

The trail passes through John Forrest National Park.

About the Trail

Attractions include the old railway line and tunnel in John Forrest National Park along with great views and waterfalls (particularly in winter/spring).  Other features include Mundaring Sculpture Park, the Goldfields pipeline, wineries and tea-rooms.

The trail spans from Bellevue to Wooroloo in the Perth Hills and can be joined at numerous access points including the towns along its length. Many of the reserves are now community parks providing picnic tables, toilets and other facilities. Local pubs and cafes are abundant in the area and well worth the stop.

The whole trail is approximately 59 kilometres long and can be done in short, half day to day sections or over the course of several days.  The more popular loop trail, combining the "Northern Section" and the "Southern Section" is approximately 41 kilometres and can be completed in a similar time frame, depending on your method of transport and your itinerary.

The Eagle View Walk Trail, John Forest Heritage Trail, Munda Biddi Trail and Kep Track all link into Railway Reserves Heritage Trail and, although this trail is remarkable, it is the overall atmosphere of the Mundaring trails as a group, and the vibe of the area, that provides the “wow factor”.

Most points along the trail are accessible by road and the track is signposted with distances, interpretive trailheads and traffic crossings. The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail brochure, available from Mundaring Visitor Centre, contains a map as well as distance and elevation charts making it easy to plan your journey. Additional information is available on the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail website.

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