Quenda Circuit, Avon Valley


The 6.5 kilometre Quenda Circuit is the most popular trail at Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary, taking in the best natural vegetation, great views, the Paruna Gorge and even a historic monument.

Dam within Paruna Sanctuary

Dam within Paruna Sanctuary

Photo Credit: Chelle Fisher

About the Trail

The Quenda Trail is a one way circuit taking in the best of the Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a very rewarding walk with creeks, views, birds, historic monuments and spectacular spring wildlflowers. Distances (in km) are marked on the trail map located within the sanctuary. Green markers depicting a Quenda (Southern Brown Bandicoot) are located at turns and junctions. 

This trail is suitable for outdoor families, scout and school groups, wildflower enthusiasts, keen naturalists and interested bushwalkers.

Bookings are required to gain access to the sanctuary as there is a code for the entry gate. A small charge of $10pp is required to help fund the great rehabilitation work they are doing.

Other trails in the park include the easy 2.5km Possum Trail and the difficult (LOTS of steps!) 12km Numbat Trail.

Need to Know