Pinnacles Desert Lookout and Drive Trail, Nambung NP

About the Trail

Wind your way through these amazing limestone structures that create the strange, other world environment that is the Pinnacles Desert.

The trail is a clearly marked, 4.5 km firm sandy track, suitable for 2WD vehicles. With numerous places to stop, you can take the opportunity to get out of the car and have a close up look at these amazing limestone forms. There is a

lookout platform in the middle of the loop where you can sit for a while and take in the views all the way to the white sand dunes along the coast and the blue of the Indian Ocean. The Lookout Platform is wheelchair friendly.

The trail will take about half an hour, but most people take 1-2 hours to allow time to get out of the car and have a close up look at the Pinnacles and take photos.

There is an additional 750m spur (1.5km return) available.

If you feel like stretching your legs after a long drive to Nambung NP there is a 1.6 km walk trail that winds its way between the Pinnacles as well.

Please do not climb on them for both your own safety and to preserve these amazing structures for others to enjoy.

On a sunny day the contrast between the yellow sand and blue sky is quite profound and provides some lovely photo opportunities. Even on a cloudy day the eerie light creates a very moody scene.

Allow time to visit the Pinnacles Discovery Centre and souvenir shop or use the shaded facilities for a picnic.

The Pinnacles are located in the Nambung NP just over 2 hours north of Perth, via Indian Ocean Drive and Pinnacles Drive.

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