Piccaninny Creek Lookout, Purnululu NP


The 2.8km return trail to the Piccaninny Creek Lookout at Purnululu National Park gives you an impressive overall view.  Walking to the lookout involves a reasonably easy walk negotiating the stony creek bed of Piccaninny Creek.

Piccaninny Creek Walk Trail

Walking to the Piccaninny Creek Lookout

Photo Credit: Pelusey Photography

About the Trail

The water smooth rock of the creek bed provides a vivid example of the erosive forces of countless monsoonal rains and the ‘beehive’ formations provide a dramatic backdrop.

If you are lucky, hollows in the bedrock may contain water providing spectacular reflections. There is a steady climb up to the lookout where a railing provides some reassurance and safety. The views across the savannah plains to distant ‘beehive’ outcrops and ranges are spectacular. 

Need to Know