Top Trail:  Penguin Island Boardwalk & Walk Trail

Need to Know

  • Time

    Up to 1 hour
  • Distance

    1.5km loop
  • Trail Start (Loop)

    Penguin Experience Island Discovery Centre, near Rockingham, 50kms (45 min) south of Perth
  • Degree of Difficulty

     Grade 1 - No bushwalking experience required. Flat even surface with no steps or steep sections. Suitable for wheelchair users who have someone to assist them. Walks no greater than 5km.

  • What to Pack?

    Take a picnic lunch with you and a jumper

    Group A (Urban trails or short trails near facilities) required.  Show Pack

  • Best Time of the Year

    Mid September to early June.
  • Facilities

    Wheelchair and pram access limited to boardwalk and northern lookout. There are no kiosk or restaurant facilities on the island.

    • Access without assistance for the Disabled
    • Interpretive Centre
    • Picnic Area
    • Public Toilet
    • Water Access Points
  • Fees

    Ferry to Penguin Island
  • Hazards & Warnings

    Overhangs, caves and cliffs are prone to collapse. For your safety keep on the walk trails and beaches.
  • Prohibited Items

    No pets
  • Access to the Trail

    Road or bus to Rockingham. Ferry from Mersey point to Penguin Island departs hourly between 9:00am and 1:00pm
  • Download KML

    Download KML File (Disclaimer applies)

  • Trail Contact

    Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Parks and Wildlife Service
    Telephone: 09 9303 7750
    Twitter: @exploreparks.wa

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