Yeagarup Sand Dunes Walk, D’Entrecastraux NP

About the Trail

Combine a scenic drive with some on-foot exploring by heading south to this walk which takes you into D’Entrecastraux National Park. To get there drive south along Ritter Road to the picnic site near Yeagarup Lake.  Check out the Yeagarup Dunes to Warren Beach 4WD Track.

The trail takes you through Banksia woodlands and overlooks the lakes and surrounding swamps. These freshwater areas are perched on top of sand. Organic matter, such as leaves and bark and dead plants, have formed a waterproof layer on the bottom of the lake or swamp, catching and holding only water that falls or drains into them. 

This is an area of continuous change.  Here, coastal winds whip the white sands into mobile dunes, which are constantly on the move. They march relentlessly forward like a silent army reclaiming the lakes and forests.  The face of the dune is well over 40 meters high, and the sight of it overtaking the forest is quite spectacular.  The walk follows a sandy, four-wheel-drive track to the base of the sandhills.  You return by the same track, but be prepared to step aside; vehicles use this road regularly for access to the coast.

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