The Dukes Walk, Pemberton

About the Trail

Follow the blue markers and catch your first close-up glimpse of the karri forest from this short loop trail.  Only three kilometres from Pemberton, this trail starts from the famous Gloucester Tree.  As you stroll along the track, pause to gaze up at the tall trees competing for space in the sky.  You can see that a forest is just like any other natural community – only the strong survive.

Below them, the thick understorey is a mass of plant life.  Look closely to see the vines and creepers scrambling up the trunks of smaller trees, the vivid mosses and fungi clinging to fallen logs and the bark dangling like tattered clothing on the trees.  In spring, the wildflowers raise their colourful heads as the butterflies come to life.  Take your time – enjoy your first taste of the forest.  It’s sure to whet your appetite for more bushwalking.

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