Gloucester Route, Gloucester NP, Pemberton


This ten kilometre moderate trail loops through towering karri forest; over hills;  down gullies and across hidden creeks and waterfalls.  A rewarding and beautiful trail commencing in the Gloucester National Park near Pemberton.

The Gloucester Tree

The Gloucester Tree in the Gloucester National Park is only 3kms from the Post Office in Pemberton. The Gloucester Tree was chosen for a fire lookout in 1947, one of a network of lookouts built in the Karri forest between 1937 and 1952.

About the Trail

Follow the black markers for a rich karri experience, and step out along this trail which starts from the Gloucester Tree picnic site.  Although quite steep and difficult in sections, the trail is very rewarding.  It loops through the towering karri forest – both young and old – in the Gloucester National Park, then leads you over hills, down gullies and across hidden creeks and waterfalls with moss-covered logs as foot bridges.

Plan for a half day adventure and pack lunch, a flask of water and a raincoat.  There is a café at the Lavender and Berry Farm at about the half way point.  Why not stop for a cuppa.

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