Beedelup Falls Loop Walk, Beedelup NP

About the Trail

Access to Beedelup Falls is via a 300 metre walk trail from the carpark.  The trail takes you across a 25 metre suspension bridge that spans Beedelup Brook.

You can see a great view of the falls from the bridge or from timber boardwalks and platforms.  In winter when the falls are thundering you may be able to feel the spray.  As you walk upstream to another bridge, look for the masses of maidenhair fern and mosses which creep at the base of the trees.  On a fine day, catch the sun filtering through the karri treetops or hear the frogs calling from their hidden homes.

When you arrive at the picnic site, where the walk loop starts, listen for the birds and the muted roar of the falls. Then, as you descend the steps through a corridor of trees and creepers, pause to listen to the forest, and look out over Waterfall Dam, the huge lake into which the falls empty.

The 4.5 km moderately hard Beedelup Loop Walk meanders through karri forest via Karri Valley Resort and the Walk-Through-Tree.  This walk can be broken up into shorter sections.

To get to Beedelup Falls, drive 17 kilometres west of Pemberton along the Vasse Highway, then follow the signs.  

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