Pelham Reserve, Toodyay


Rising up the slopes, overlooking Toodyay is Pelham Reserve. Wander through the 6 kilometres of walking tracks to discover the various historical points of interest, and vast stretches of everlastings.

Pelham Reserve lookout

Pelham Reserve lookout

Photo Credit: Shire of Toodyay

About the Trail

Pelham Reserve totals more than 50 hectares with five walk tracks covering over six kilometers. Walkers are advised that these tracks are steep in places and may have a gravel surface, so please wear appropriate footwear and exercise due care. 

The Lookout at the top of Duke Street provides views across the town and valley as well as a chance to visit the Drummond Memorial Garden, first developed by the Toodyay Naturalists’ Club in 1969.

The Pelham Walk Trail is 2.25km and loops around most of the reserve. It begins at the lookout and emcompasses the old water tank, WWII Revetment and original spillway.

The Everlasting Loop is 1.1km and hosts an impressive carpet of everlastigns in Spring.

The Bunker Complex Loop is 650m and has the remaining earthworks of a complex consisting of four underground rooms connected by “tunnels” to house a signal unit.

The Rifle Range Loop is 1.2m and has the remains of a rifle range dating back to the early 1900’s with the butts and firing points.

The Gully Track is a 500m shortcut through the main Pelham Walk Trail.

While walking in Pelham Reserve you are likely to see Kangaroos, Euros and other wildlife. This may include snakes. Please note these are not tame animals and should be treated with respect. Please keep dogs on a leash at all times.

Need to Know