Palm Terrace Walk, Forrestfield

About the Trail

The Palm Terrace Walk is one of Perth's most underrated trails, offering panoramic views of the city while winding its way through both the Mundy Regional Park and Lesmurdie Falls National Park.

With several starting points - some with facilities, some without - this 5.5km loop walk will challenge you on some of the areas more moderate climbs, but will reward you with the best views Perth has to offer. Palm Terrace is highly recommended from August to November to witness both our wildflower season and the stunning Lesmurdie Falls, just a short detour off the path.

Please note that the trail is not signed consistently and will require some hiking experience and directions to be read carefully, prior to leaving.

Please see the gallery tab to view over 30 photo's of the trail at major intersections and points of interest.

Trail Notes:

Start point: Lower Lesmurdie Falls Car Park.

1. Leave the car park from the southwest corner and walk between four large gravel boulders.

2. Take the left fork; towards power line poles

3. Turn left at the T junction and follow the power line uphill.

4. At the intersection of two power lines, turn left and head up hill.

5. Take the left fork at this T junction.

6. Ignore a track coming in from the right and continue up hill.

7. Ignore a track from the left and continue up towards the fence and houses.

8. Pass through two white gates, over a bridge and along a narrow path along a old granite rock wall

9. Join a main dirt trail, slightly uphill and follow this along panoramic views of Perth

10. At a white gate, at the end of a private road, follow the walk trail sign along a narrow track, past boulders below the road.

11. Rejoin the sealed road here at Falls Road and head towards the Lesmurdie Falls Car Park.

12. Leave the road at the car park and walk down the ramp to the left of the car park. Toilets are here if you need them.

13. Walk past the picnic tables and turn right off the concrete path, along a newly laid path to a bridge over a creek on your left.

14. At the trail marker turn left, cross over this creek and walk up a steep hill.

15. At a T junction, take the right fork and continue up hill towards the communication tower.

16. Reach the top of the climb to another T junction. Take the left branch and start down hill. You should be able to see the CBD.

17. Ignore a track from the left, keep heading down hill.

18. At a T junction, turn left. The red markers indicate this is a section of the Lewis Road walk.

19. At the T junction take the left branch and walk along the edge or the Perth Hills with panoramic views of Perth city.

20. Descend down a steep climb, follow the trail along a fence line, passed a house.

21. At the gate on Palm Terrace, turn left and walk back to the car park to complete the walk.

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