Top Trail:   Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails, Nannup


The Old Timberline and Sidings Rail Trails combine to form the 37 km Timberline Loop. You can choose a half day mountain bike ride or 2 day hiking trip, camping out along the way, following the path of wood powered steam driven locomotives from the forest to the Barrabup Mill and later Nannup Mill.

About the Trail

Starting from Foreshore Park, the first section of the trail, when hiked or ridden in an anti-clockwise direction follows the Munda Biddi Track and is also known as the 15 km Sidings Rail Trail. The trail is a wide smooth gravel path with a gentle uphill slope.

At the northern extremity of the loop you turn left and head south onto the 22 km Timberline Trail and back to the start. This section of the trail is a little hillier and passes through some lovely forest along the banks of the St Johns Brook. You will pass the Sleeper Hewers Campsite, the ruins of a 100 year old once spectacular railway bridge, Barrabup Pool where you can have a swim in the warmer weather and Workmans Pool before heading back into Nannup on mostly easy single track.

Camping is permitted at these three locations. The Sleeper Hewers Camp has a hut with bunk beds for 8 people, a rain water tank, toilets, picnic table and access tothe river for swimming.

Barrabup Pool and Workmans Pool have toilets and picnic tables provided.

There are several vehicle access points along the trail where you can choose to walk or ride a shorter section if desired.

Need to Know