Noongar Kaartdijin’ Bidee


The 900 metre return Kaartdijin Bidee Trail (Noongar Knowledge Path) runs along the banks of the beautiful Harvey River and features ten different pieces of art that have been created by the local Noongar community.
The first section of the trail is a concrete path and the remainder, compacted gravel.

There are ten artworks along the trail

There are ten artworks along the trail

About the Trail

The trail starts near the Harvey Visitor Centre and crosses the river over a narrow bridge with views along the river and surronding gardens, before crossing the highway via an underpass. Under the bridge you will find a mural painted by local Noongar artists. There are several more artworks along the river banks.

The trail passes a lovely shady, open space where you can stop for a picnic or return the way you came and stop for some refreshments at the Stirling Cottage Kitchen.

Need to Know