Trail Network: Pinjar Motorcycle Area

Just 45 minutes north of Perth, the purpose built trails in the Pinjar motorcycle areas are proving to be very popular with families and young riders as well as more advanced riders.

Some trails are surfaced with clay or limestone, others are natural sand.  East of Orchid Rd is designated a 'Family Zone'; West of Orchid Rd is for intermediate / advanced riders. Intermediate and advanced trails are graded regularly but have exposed roots and lots of whoops.  The entire area is rated as very good - and improving progressively.

Pinjar is open to motorcycles and quads of all engine capacities. You don't need a road-registered bike, or a drivers' licence to ride at Pinjar, but if your bike is not road registered you must have Off Road Vehicle registration (available from DPI) and you must wear a helmet. 

Entry is free and the facility is open 7 days a week. 
All visitors to the Pinjar Motorcycle Area ride at their own risk

Getting There

The Pinjar Motorcycle Area is near Barbagallo Raceway in Nowergup.  Entrance from Orchid Rd off Wesco Rd, Pinjar. 45km (45 mins) north of Perth. Sealed road to Wesco Road. Unsealed road of about 400m to car park.

There are two car parks.  One with good viewing of Pee Wee trail and access to Family Trail, the other provides access to the North Loop and Short n Curly trails.


Public toilets.

The Go-Kart track opposite Wattle Ave serves food and drink.