Mt Toolbrunup, Stirling Range NP

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Miss T


Rocky scramble almost all the way up. Not a "difficult" climb - but as much of it is over steep unstable rocks, it's tricky on your balance and your foot placement. Probably the first trek I've done where coming down took almost as long as going up. Very awesome at the top - and like others say - it's rewarding. It's a totally different type of walk to Bluff Knoll, so I can't compare them. Def want your hiking boots for this one though!

Bob Peters


Excellent. Tough climb but more interesting than Bluff Knoll.

Petra Maxted


We've been up and down Toolbrunnup quite a few times over the years. Whenever we have visitors from overseas we also take them up there. The treck starts in beautiful woodland and then gradually turns more and more gravelly. About 2 thirds up is a whole section which just consists of big rock plates; and from there it's quite steep and narrow till the top. We find Toolbrunup much more fun than Bluff Knoll but it is also harder because of the scramble towards the top - You probably shouldn't be too worried about heights if you make your way up there and, if these things make you overly nervous, I guess it's worth noting that there isn't too much room at the top with quite steep drops everywhere. The all round views are quite amazing.

Ashley Taylor


Amazing, easily the best in the Ranges.



Incredible view, hard climb but well worth it. 380 degree views. Love this place better than Bluff Knoll. You will not be disappointed.

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