Mt Lindesay Trail, Denmark

About the Trail

From Denmark, a 23km scenic drive along Scotsdale and Mt Lindesay Roads takes you to the Mt Lindesay trailhead and picnic area.  The walk trail leads you down to the Denmark River and across a bridge.  After this, the track is steep for 500 metres.  It is then an easy grade walk for about 2.5km, passing through jarrah and mallee scrub before arriving at a granite outcrop.  Tall white trail markers guide you over the rocks.  Once at the summit, enjoy the panoramic views over farmland, the coast and the Walpole Wilderness.

This granite mondanock is the centerpiece of the Mount Lindesay National Park, home to threatened ecological communities. so please leave your pets at home.

Picnic tables and toilets are provided for ‘pit stops’ before or after your hike!

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