Mount Pingerup Walk Trail, D’Entrecasteaux NP


The 5.5km, moderately difficult Mount Pingerup Walk Trail, is steep in places and offers spectacular views of Broke Inlet, the Southern Ocean and the surrounding D’Entrecasteaux National Park from the summit. Wildflowers, including orchids, are prolific during spring (August to November). A good level of fitness is required.

Mount Pingerup Walk Trail

Mossy granite outcrop along trail

About the Trail

The Pingerup Plain is a mixture of dense thicket of tea-tree swamp, open scrubland of whispering sheoaks and small stands of jarrah and karri trees. The trail emerges onto the rolling granite outcrops which form the summit of Mount Pingerup where you can enjoy expansive views of Broke Inlet to the south-west, and further to the picturesque coastline of D'Entrecasteaux National Park and the Southern Ocean. The Bibbulmun Track crosses over the Mount Pingerup Walk Trail allowing longer day walk options from the Mount Pingerup carpark.

This trail is steep in places. A good level of fitness is required. Please avoid walking on moss beds and keep to the granite.

Need to Know