Little Island Kayak Trail, Hillary’s


An easy two kilometre paddle out to Little Island - a small sand and limestone island situated in a marine sanctuary just off the coast of Hillary’s in Perth’s northern suburbs.  Great swimming and snorkelling spot.

Little Island

Little Island is...Little, and beaching of kayaks is not permitted.

Photo Credit: Martin Chambers

About the Trail

There is a kayak launching platform near the boat ramps within the Hillarys Boat Harbour. Keep clear of other vessels - in particular the Rottnest Ferry. An alternative launch site is off the beach on the north side of the marina where there is free parking. 

Paddle north westerly - you can see Little Island in the distance about 2km away. You will pass two reef patches on the way. There is a small beach on the island however beaching of kayaks is not allowed and walking on the beach is discouraged. The island really is so small there is nothing to look at anyway, leave it for the birds and sea lions.

The waters around the island are designated a marine sanctuary, consequently there is always an excellent array of marine life in the area - including whales, dolphins, seals, and occasionally, wayward sea turtles.

Take a small anchor if you wish to snorkel as there is good snorkelling to the west and south of the island. It is quite sheltered between Little Island and the outer reef to the west.  Surf waves can often be found in the deeper channels on the outer reef, a further 200m west.

Need to Know