Lake Pollard Walk Trail, Yalgorup NP, Mandurah

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Peter P


Ever been to a salad bar, seen a delicious looking concoction of croutons, parmesan and crispy bacon, thought 'I'll have that', and then realised that underneath that thin layer of crunchy goodness it was 3/4 limp soggy lettuce? This trail was that salad bar, assuming the salad bar is about 2 hours from civilisation, off a major highway and down a spine jolting corrugated road. First, the good crunchy bits. The first few km towards Lake Pollard are a nice walk, with shady peppermint trees and ample wildlife. The bird spotting platform is worth the detour just to see the lake, even if there is nothing feathered around- the salt flats on display from them are desolate, smelly, but really kind of pretty. At the halfway point, a sharp turn and climb up a limestone hill rewards with stunning views from the apex- to the east, the lake panorama, to the far west, in the far off distance the Indian ocean. Then it all gets a bit weird. The second half of this track is 2 km along a perfectly straight, rusty barbed wire fence line with a sandy track on one side. Nondescript and pretty much like any fenceline on any farm. This is followed by a right angle turn and another 2km walk along a wide crushed limestone vehicle road, surrounded by nothing in particular. Helpful markers confirm that no, you haven't strayed off the trail, you really are supposed to experience the wonder and beauty of Western Australian bushland by walking along a road for a while- basically, at this point it is not a 'bush-walk' so much as a ' oh-no-my-car-has-run-out-of-petrol-and-I-need-to-walk-along-the-road-until-the-bloke-from-wolf-creek-drives-by-and-offers-me-a-lift-walk.' So really this is a nice 3km bush trail masquerading as a much less nice 6km trail. My suggestion is walk anti-clockwise, and once you get to the apex of the hill, save yourself the hassle and retrace your steps- it will still be 6km in total, and you'll stay out of the sun and off the roads.

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