Lake Pollard Walk Trail, Yalgorup NP, Mandurah


The six kilometre, approximately two-hour, Lake Pollard loop trail conveniently begins at the entrance to the Martins Tank campground; about one kilometre from the campground itself. This walk takes in tuart, peppermint and grasstree outcrops, with an opportunity to birdwatch in the hide overlooking Lake Pollard.  Walking in a clockwise direction provides a good view to Lake Pollard while walking.

The Trail Start

The trail starts near the Martin's Tank campground

Photo Credit: Niamh Cooke

About the Trail

The walking track is clearly marked, flat and easy going, and follows a sandy vehicle access track. 

About two kilometres along the track is a sign-posted T-junction directing a right turn towards the bird-hide. You know you’re getting close to the lake when white trunked saltwater paperbark trees replace the tuarts and there’s shell grit along the path.

A small track leads to the wooden bird-hide, which sits on stilts at the edge of the lake.

Leaving the bird-hide is a choice of retracing your steps along the flatter route or continuing on a steeper loop trail that follows a fire break and a private property fence before following the Preston Beach Road back to the campsite.

Yalgorup National Park consists of 10 elongated lakes with tuart and peppermint woodlands. It is included in the RAMSAR international wetland agreement, as it is an important area for migratory waterbirds. Lake Clifton contains the largest collection of thrombolites in the southern hemisphere.

Need to Know