Lake Mt Brown Walk Trail, Beeliar Park


This is an easy six kilometre flat walk in Beeliar Regional Park. The path is paved for two kilometres and then there is a limestone and sand four wheel drive track around Lake Mt Brown. Firewood banksia makes a showy display in autumn.

Firewood banksia

Firewood banksia in autumn

Photo Credit: Pam Riordan

About the Trail

The Beeliar Regional Park consists of two chains of wetlands comprised of 26 lakes and numerous wetalnds stretching 25km along the coast and covering an area of approximately 3400 hectares.

Lake Mt Brown lies in the western chain near the coast at Cockburn Sound. It has been created by a depression behind the coastal dune system. The wetlands were important camping, ceremonial areas and sources of food for Aboriginal people. The vegetation communities found in the park represent communities once widespread on the Swan Coastal Plain but now significantly decreased.

The trail leaves the car park on Cockburn Road on a 2km paved path which goes almost to the lake. Then there is a 1.8km limestone track, not wheelchair accessible,around the lake. The track is set back from the water and glimpses of the lake are available at some points.

Need to Know