Lake Leschenaultia, Man Vs Machine


So ya think ya a tough guy? This trail is a little old-school and a little natural. Lets see how you handle the rocks and the odd log over on this up trail.

Woman Vs Machine

Chicks Rock! Lots of play things to keep you distracted while you climb!

Photo Credit: mtbguidebook

About the Trail

This is one of the up trails in the Lake Leschenaultia MTB network - with the other being the far easier Eastern Line. The trail starts a fair way down the fire trail riding away from the rest of the network - and is probably the hardest trail to find.

Once on the trail you have a solid workout as you climb 63m for around 1.7km. This is a blue trail and a great trail to double up with Blue Pather for an old-school tight singletrack double! Be warned though this is the most taxing of all the trails out here in terms of physical exertion. Having said that, it is easy enough just to pick a low gear and spin your way up. 

Need to Know