Lagoon to Living Streams Walk, Canning River Park


The walk among the sheoak, paperbarks and flooded gums along the Canning River, takes 45 minutes one way and little over an hour and a half return.

Afternoon stroll in the wetland wilderness

Photo Credit: Jazmin Lindley

About the Trail

Park on either side of Riverton Bridge and walk up and back along the same route or arrange to be picked up from Bannister Creek at the end of Adenia Road.  The path follows the Canning River Reserve from the Riverton Bridge where the river begins to widen, through the Bicentennial Adenia Reserve upstream to Bannister Creek, a tributary of Canning River.  The fringing vegetation along both of these rivers act as important wildlife corridors, connecting remnant bushland of the urban landscape. This bushland is a spotted mosaic in our urban areas and these corridors allow animals to move freely and contribute to a population's viability.

For this reason visitors to these areas need to ensure they keep their dog on a lead and pick up after them.  Its also very important not to feed the wildlife.  Feeding native wildlife such as the black duck threatens their health and well-being.

Need to Know