King Jarrah Heritage Trail, Lane Poole, Dwellingup

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Gillian Groom


Really enjoyed the trail. Went yesterday (March 25, 2018) on an unseasonably cool, overcast day and completed in 4.5 hrs with a 30 min lunch stop. I'll go slower next time as I know what to expect and hopefully in wildflower season. I also went anticlockwise and got the climb out of the way first. The entire track was dry so no issue with slipping and sliding in mud. The down hill after the King Jarrah tree was super steep and a bit slippery. Trail was in good shape, one section has a tree down but there are pink tapes tied to trees to re-orientate you to the trail. Some overgrown segments. Trailmarkers- 20 of the green and white ones (heaps of yellow and black hiking person ones as well). Really enjoyed the bush and trees, got down to the Murray. Lots of blackberries! Saw absolutely no one else, not a single vehicle either. Recommended.

Mark Dutton


Completed in just under 4.5hrs (5/July/2015). Weather was good for trail walk like this, nice and cool. Luckily no rain. I wouldn't take this on in Summer. Probably do-able in under 4 hours if you don't stop to enjoy the scenery and help lost 4WDs. Take note of the Grade 4 rating. The Western side of the track is rather steep at the North and South ends. The The valleys into Christmas brook and Dawn Creek are steep too but not as bad. I had intended to walk the East side first as a warm up, then tackle the Western side. I'm glad I didn't. The ascent from Nanga Mill onto the first plateau is 170m and the inclination is murder. However, once you've done that the worst climb is out of the way. The Western side is far more appealing imo as it's just a thin walk trail. Easily definable, and travelling through some amazing scenery. Very lush and green. Plenty of birds and some amazing fungi at this time of year. Luckily I had no rain but the decent into Big Brook is slippery and slow going, Add some rain and it would be a tad dangerous. Eastern side is flat compared with West side. It's rather dull too, basically a single lane 4WD track. Rather muddy after recent rains. Some worthwhile rest points when the road nears the Murray River that have some amazing watery scenery. Overall: Expect a challenge. Do in Winter when cooler and brooks/creeks are flowing. Again?: Yes, but only with another person(s). Definitely West then East smile

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