Kalari Trail, The Humps, Hyden

About the Trail

If you can spare the time and escape the lure of Wave Rock, visting the Humps is well worth it. For a start, there is a short stroll to Mulka's Cave where you can see upto 450 examples of Aboriginal rockart. Interpretive signage explains this ancient Aboriginal site.

The Kalari Trail takes you up this impressive rock outcrop between unsual geological formations. The summit offers sensational 360 degree views of farms and bush. In winter the canola crops are a blaze of yellow.

It is no surprise that the Aboriginal name for the rock is Kalari which means lizards. Numerous lizards scamper about the rocky slopes when the weather is warm enough. In more sheltered sways, there are mossy miniature gardens, best seen in winter. It is best to avoid wet weather as the granite slopes can be slippery in places. 

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