Kaalitj – ngort Koondaam, Bateman Park

About the Trail

Come join us on a river journey to learn more about the significance of the Djarlgarro Beeliar (Canning River) to the Whadjuk Noongar people, and its surrounding area known as Gabbiljee, "the watery place at the end of the river".

Running along the Bull Creek tributary at Bateman Park in Brentwood is a River Journey, which showcases the cultural heritage and natural values of this area. To Whadjuk people the Djarlgarro Beeliar and Gabbiljee are a source of life. 

Download the Geotourist App to listen to the audio recordings from Whadjuk Elder Marie Taylor sharing her stories of this area. Alternatively visit the Explore Parks WA website (Swan Canning Riverpark) to hear other audio stories shared by Marie Taylor about this part of the river. 

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